[Linux-Xtensa] Xtensa U-Boot ETHADDR fix

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Fri Aug 1 13:31:01 PDT 2008

Hello all,

I tested the new version of U-Boot, and it looks like everything is
working great, with the exception of the Ethernet device.  It does not
pick up it's MAC address from the environment, and just defaults to all
zeros.  This causes the net commands to fail, stating that 'ethaddr'
hasn't been set, which is obviously not true.

I tracked down the problem, and it seems to lie in the open_eth driver.
I've attached a patch that fixes the issue by setting the proper
variable to the value of 'ethaddr'.

Other than that, everything is working great!

Also, I noticed that I can't check out the git repository for u-boot. I

git clone git://git.linux-xtensa.org/u-boot/u-boot-xtensa.git

and I get the following error:

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I don't have any issues with the kernel repositories.  I'm guessing it's
some sort of permissions issue between the kernel and u-boot subdirs.


Justin Waters
Linux Engineer
TimeSys Corporation
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