[Linux-Xtensa] Re: Huston We have a Problem - l4x.org shows xtensa not compiling for TWO MONTHS now on kernel.org since you moved the xtensa headers from include/asm-xtensa.

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Mon Mar 16 01:40:27 PDT 2009

Piet Delaney wrote:
>> I was also trying to get OpenEmbedded to compile for Xtensa, but our 
>> configurability with tar overlay files is not well supported. 
>> Hopefully, I can get it to compile soon, which would allow me to test 
>> variations of uClibc, kernel, and compiler more easily.
> Why do you think OpenEmbedded make that easier than just using a FPGA 
> board?

OpenEmbedded is similar to buildroot, so I guess you mean Buildroot and 
not FPGA? I haven't managed to use CVS and GIT directly in Buildroot. I 
was hoping that OE makes it easier to test variation of compiler, 
c-libraries and kernel.

> I've be stabilizing the SMP kernel, including cache-coherency.
> It's pretty stable now; runs for LTP for about four days. I hope
> to have new V3 MMU code also running soon; just waiting for a
> bit-streams for the lx60 and lx200 that work. I just got the code
> ready for the SMP V3 MMU bit-stream this evening.

Is the V3 code in GIT? Is that the change to increate the addressable 
memory area? Does it involve major code changes?

> What have you been up to at work?

Lot's of interesting stuff. You will hear about it soon (finally...)

> Can you tell us where your working at yet?

Unfortunately, I can still only tell you that I work for Rearden Labs.

> Dr. Seele is over from Germany this month and I was hopping
> to arrange for Marc and I to have dinner with him next week
> if he can make it. His outfit, Emlix, has been working on a
> uCLinux port to the Stretch SDK which has a Xtensa CPU without
> an MMU. I thought we should try to keep our work in sync with
> theirs. If he can make it for dinner before the current plain
> to get together on April 1 at Tensilica you might want to join
> Marc and I.

I would love to. Let me know if and when.


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