[Linux-Xtensa] Re: [patch 0/8] xtensa: s6000 & s6105 - Git Repo Pulled; will try to merge early next week and get back to ya.

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Tue Mar 17 07:23:17 PDT 2009

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 01:18:48AM -0700, Piet Delaney wrote:
> Johannes Weiner wrote:
> >
> >We use e2factory (e2factory.org) to build an image, but you need
> >something to get it on the box.  Do you already have a way?
> I downloaded e2factory and tried to make the docs but have
> a problem with 'markdown'. I found markdown and installed it
> but it's not being found. Perhaps a lib path problem.
> Any suggestion?

I don't see e2factory playing games with PATH in the makefiles.  Can
you execute markdown in the shell you run make in?  If make can not
find it, the shell shouldn't be able to find it either, no?

> I discovered that lua-5.1.3.tar.gz also had to be downloaded.
> It seems to be unpacked but make isn't doing much and I don't
> see any compilers and other build tools.
> It would be nice to have detailed building instructions
> like we have for xtensa buildroot.
> Could you explain more in detail what your doing?

The build instructions are in the INSTALL file in the source
directory.  What I do and what works here:

	download all the sources, unpack e2factory and put
	the lua tarball in the toplevel source directory

	make all

	make install

make all should compile the lua runtime + batch compiler and use the
latter to translate the e2 source code.

Could you email me the output of make?  I also notified the developer
and asked if he can re-enact the problems you encounter.  He is also
on Cc now.  Hi Gordon!

> Maxim and I sorted out the 2.6.27 header problem and I'm cleaning up my
> files to check in the stuff Marc and I did to stabilize the SMP (including
> cache alias issues) and new V3 MMU code. Once checked in I'll try
> merging with your git repository. I put a local cache on linux-xtensa.org
> so everyone here has ready access to it.
>     http://git.linux-xtensa.org/cgi-bin/git.cgi?p=kernel/linux-2.6-xtensa-emlix;a=summary

That's great, thank you.  Can I push to it as well?  Then we could
have all 'linux on xtensa' related development in one place.

> I've got a Stretch IP Camera board and a Stretch Debug board.

There are two versions of this board, the s6105 and the s6106.  Which
one do you have?  We have the s6105 but they differ only in the
peripherals AFAIK so the patches you have from us until now should
work on both.

> -piet


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