[Linux-Xtensa] SMP kernel with Xtensa ISS.

linux-xtensa at linux-xtensa.org linux-xtensa at linux-xtensa.org
Thu Apr 2 03:59:56 PDT 2009

linux-xtensa at linux-xtensa.org wrote:
> Hello,
> I have found much Linux SMP kernel porting discussion in this mailing
> list. I would like to know is there anyone who uses the Xtensa ISS and
> XTSC environment for the Linux SMP kernel?

What is XTSC? I suppose I should know.

> More directly, I have met a problem how to make the data cache
> coherent with the SMP architecture by using XTSC environment?

I haven't tried the SMP kernel on ISS but I have make the data
cache coherent, even with non-small caches which typically experience
cache alias problems.

The 2.6.27-smp git repo with our new external cache controller is quite stable.
Possibly a bit more stable with larger caches with the alias issue.


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