[Linux-Xtensa] Re: Audio Driver - applied your git patch, I'm looking into buildingyour config on an LX200...

Tong Wang twang at tensilica.com
Wed Sep 15 01:30:31 PDT 2010

  Hi, Piet

I re-packed Truby's attachment as a .zip file,  hope it's OK this time.

any problem, please let me know.

Best regards,

On 2010-9-15 16:02, Piet Delaney wrote:
> truby.zhuang wrote:
> Morning Truby:
>> Hi,piet:
>> Thx for your reply.
>> *1. About the git*
>> Consider that I do not know If it is ok to push my codes to the git you
>> give me last time,
>> I just make a patch which include dirver code of 507T only;
>> *I have send a tar package to Twang a long time ago*, which includes the
>> other part of codes
>> (dsp_code and test routine).
>> I agree that we use the same git(*xtensa-2.6.29-smp-chipsbank.git*), I
>> am polling it down now,
>> and commit all codes in drivers/media/audio.
> Great; nice to have another linux-xtensa developer on board.
> I see you included Benn, Leeking, and Mark. Should I add
> them to linux-xtensa.org in the ChipsBank user group?
>> Since it will take hours to clone the git.
> Actually, since the git repos are  identical you could just change the
> name of the config in you .git/config file and save the time
> of downloading the same thing you already have. I do it a lot,
> it's very safe.
> You can just change this line:
>       url = git+ssh://git.linux-xtensa.org/git/kernel/xtensa-2.6.29-smp.git
> to
>       url = git+ssh://git.linux-xtensa.org/git/kernel/xtensa-2.6.29-smp-chipsbank.git
> make sure you have the git+ssh, this will make it possible to push to the repo.
> 1st push may be a problem, I might not have the permissions 100% right. Since
> you own the git repo you can also ssh to linux-xtensa.org and fix it. You
> just 'cd ~git' and then down into the kernel directory.
>> *Attached with the previous
>> package*.
>> audio/test/dsp_test.c is the test routine you need.
> I just put it in my ~/Notes/Chipsbank dir and it came up empty again.
> Perhaps due to a laim security attempt by the lovely folks in Portland.
> -rw-r--r--  1 piet tensilica     0 2010-09-15 00:35 audio_ver0_03_2010_09_03_2nd_try.tar
> -rw-r--r--  1 piet tensilica     0 2010-09-15 00:32 audio_ver0_03_2010_09_03.tar
> How about you just check it somewhere in buildroot;
> seems like a good place for it. Could also put it
> in my home dir on linux-xtensa.org or send it as
> a .zip file. Tong just sent me a .zip file and
> MicroSofty didn't mess with it.
>> Would you please test the routines in this package first.
> I'm trying to build a dual processor config that very closely
> matches your configs. Just adding LX200 board support and other
> stuff required by the same CCBUILD tool we used to build the
> three core HiF-2 LX200 board.
> At this point once I have the tar ball I could only
> test it on a DC233 core which has TIE queues that don't
> go any where. Once I get the configs ready and ask Marc
> to check it I'll try your driver with the DC233 and your
> audio driver and we can see what happens. I can check for
> the printk's they you mentioned as indicating that the I/O
> port protection change wasn't working.
>> The dsp_code and test codes are the same as this package.
> Right, and I'm missing the test program that runs on
> the 570T core and opens the driver. If it doesn't use
> TIE instructions I can just ssh to my DC_233l core, compile
> it with gcc and try it with your driver. The driver won't have anything
> to send data to for a while. Might get far enough to demonstrate
> a problem.
>> *2. How to use the mp3_dec lib*
>> the dsp code should be set up as a Xplorer project, currently, I do not
>> write a Makefile manual,
>> and just simply link the mp3_dec lib to dsp_code binary.
> Ok, I think I can manage that. I'll need a bitstream with
> both of your cores before I can use this. Get me the test
> source code, perhaps vie buildroot or just scp it to my
> home dir at linux-xtensa.org. Maybe if you make it a gzip
> file MicroSofty won't zap it.
>>   Files in dsp_code dir is the dsp codes we developed, create a project with
>>        Xplorer, while the rlt330lsp is the lsp and set up the project
>> setting as follow:
>>        include path:
>>        $(PROJECT_HOME)/inc,$(PROJECT_HOME)/base_vns
>>   Defines:
>>        RTLSIM        : set up running environment as RTL simulation
>> (necesaary!)
>>        DEBUG_LOG  : enable print log information (if you want to see
>> debug info)
>>   Custom LSP:
>>        $(PROJECT_HOME)/rtl330lsp
>>   Linker Flags:
>>        -lc  *$(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/xa_mp3_dec.a* -mlsp=$(PROJECT_HOME)/rtl330ls
>>   Please let me konw if you get any confuse about our driver.
> I'm not a heavy Xplorer user. I tend to just use the base
> tools. I think I can just compile you dsp code with XCC
> XCC with the linker script for the Avnet board and it should work.
> I'll worry about that after I have a LX200 board running a
> bitstream with your cores on it. Start it with xt-gdb
> after the primary takes it out of run-stall.
> This may take a few days as I first have to get the base
> config working with CCBUILD and then have our hardware
> superstar, Steve, help me merge in a FIFO between the
> two cores. Currently we can only do this with automated
> tools with XTSC simulations.
> -piet
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> With Regards,
>> Truby.Zong
>>   ???
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> ????????????
>> Chipsbank Microelectronic LTD.
>> ??:??????????????12??7?
>>          No.701-712,Building No.12,Keji Central Road 2,
>>          Software Park,High-tech Industrial Park,Shenzhen,
>>          P.R. China 518057
>> Tel: +86-755-86169650  ext 831  Fax: +86-755-86169690
>> WebSite:www.chipsbank.com<http://www.chipsbank.com/>
>> Email:    truby.zhuang at chipsbank.com<mailto:truby.zhuang at chipsbank.com>
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> *???:* Piet Delaney
>> *????:* 2010-09-15  13:54:12
>> *???:* truby.zhuang at chipsbank.com
>> *??:* linux-xtensa at linux-xtensa.org; MarcGauthier; Tong Wang; Sarang
>> Shelke
>> *??:* Audio Driver - applied your git patch, I'm looking into
>> buildingyour config on an LX200...
>> Hi Truby:
>> I Applied your patch with 'git apply':
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [piet at pdelaney_fc9 xtensa-2.6.29-smp]$ git apply ../git_patch_chipsbank_10_09_08
>> ../git_patch_chipsbank_10_09_08:18: trailing whitespace.
>>            This is the driver of the Audio dsp (decoders and encoders )
>> ../git_patch_chipsbank_10_09_08:62: trailing whitespace.
>>    @Brief:  driver for cbm60xx audio dsp module
>> ../git_patch_chipsbank_10_09_08:91: trailing whitespace.
>> /**
>> ../git_patch_chipsbank_10_09_08:107: trailing whitespace.
>>       if ((id != chan->index) || (fmt == chan->format))
>> ../git_patch_chipsbank_10_09_08:109: trailing whitespace.
>>      return -1;
>> warning: squelched 696 whitespace errors
>> warning: 701 lines add whitespace errors.
>> [piet at pdelaney_fc9 xtensa-2.6.29-smp]$
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I didn't expect any errors to be reported.
>> My current 'git status' is:
>> .......................................................................................
>> $ git status
>> # On branch IO_PORTS_Piggy_Back_On_Coprocessor_Infrastructure_Proposal
>> # Changes to be committed:
>> #   (use "git reset HEAD<file>..." to unstage)
>> #
>> # modified:   drivers/media/Kconfig
>> # modified:   drivers/media/Makefile
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/Kconfig
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/Makefile
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/audio_dsp.c
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/audio_dsp.h
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/buffer.c
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/buffer.h
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/cbm60xx_dsp.c
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/cbm60xx_dsp.h
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/mailbox.c
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/mailbox.h
>> # new file:   drivers/media/audio/readme
>> ....................................................................................
>> I made a copy of 2.6.29-smp at linux-xtensa.org and called it "xtensa-2.6.29-smp-chipsbank.git".
>> I made you the owner with group access by folks in the chipsbank group.
>> As you can see the files are not accessible vie the git web access:
>> http://git.linux-xtensa.org/cgi-bin/git.cgi
>> it's only accessible by you and other members of the 'chipsbank'
>> group. I added Marc and myself as members of the group.
>> This approach allows our customers to keep their code un-published
>> until they are ready to push their changes to kernel.org.
>> Would it be ok for me to push your patch that I just applied there
>> so we are all on the same page? Feel free to push it your self;
>> which would really be a bit better. I recommend we make a branch
>> off of the proposed "IO_PORTS_Piggy_Back_On_Coprocessor_Infrastructure_Proposal"
>> branch.
>> In the mean time I'll try configuring it in and starting builds to put
>> together a bitstream for the LX200 with your cores on it.
>> So far it appears you git patch includes only the code run on the CB570TMMU.
>> Did I miss the code intended to run on the DC_330HiFi core?
>> The readme at the end of the git patch mentions dsp code and an application.
>> The dsp code is suppose to be in a 'dsp_code' dir. Looks like your using
>> the same xa_mp3_dec.a library that we use in the HiFi-2 SMP LX200 board:
>> http://wiki.linux-xtensa.org/index.php/Mplayer_Hifi_2_Codec_Development_Board
>> If ya go about 3/4 down the page to the section on compiling the Mplayer Plugins:
>>   Compiling the Mplayer Plugins and linking them with MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) and MPEG-4 AAC Codecs
>> you will see how we mount the codes's in an NFS mounted directory on the target
>> and then let the Makefile patch Mplayer with the codec library plugins.
>> In your case the Linux system isn't running with the HiFI-2 TIE instructions
>> and we have to do everything on our workstations. Do you have a makefile
>> to easily link the coded librarys to your test program? I suppose your
>> saying I should just make a trivial Makefile for your application and
>> have it link directly to the codec library's. If you have a tar ball
>> with the audio/test src and Makefile it would be good to send it
>> once I've got you cores running on an LX200. Looks like I'll have
>> a handful already with building the bitstream and messing around with
>> -piet
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