[Linux-Xtensa] Problems debugging with gdb / gdbserver

Vadim Malenboim vadim at tangotec.com
Mon Dec 3 04:18:01 PST 2012

Hi Chris,
It looks better.
With native debugger on target I succeed in debugging.
However I'm trying to bring-up the gdbserver to debug from host to target
my linux apps.

When trying to debug via gdb/gdbserver I fail :

(gdb) break main
Sending packet: $m41f7b5,2#64...Packet received: 2817
Breakpoint 1 at 0x41f7b5: file ../src/Test.cpp, line 5.
(gdb) continue
Sending packet: $Z0,40f5c4,2#aa...Timed out.
Timed out.
Timed out.
Ignoring packet error, continuing...
Packet Z0 (software-breakpoint) is supported
Sending packet: $Z0,41f7b5,2#ad...Timed out.
*Packet received: *
*Protocol error: Z0 (software-breakpoint) conflicting enabled responses.*

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 3:26 AM, Chris Zankel <chris at zankel.net> wrote:

> r this, but need to look into

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